Dear Numfeuder,

The aim of the game Numfeud is to finish laying down all of your tiles in numeric combinations before your opponent.

The player who finishes first wins. If you are unable to lie down tiles when it is your turn you can choose between pass or swap.

Both pass and swap will add one more tile to your inventory. You can add tiles both vertically and horizontally.

You are only allowed to swap 13 tiles during a game.

You are also only allowed 20 tiles in your inventory. If your inventory is full and you are not able to lay down any tiles on the board you will loose the game and 50 points to your rankings. Your opponent will receive 50 points.

If you win, you will get the sum of your opponents remaining tiles to your ranking. If you loose you will be subtracted the sum of your own remaining tiles to your ranking. If a joker is in the inventory it's value would be 15.

If you decide to resign a game after you have made at least 1 move you will loose 50 points to your ranking. If you fail to make a move within 72 hours, the game will auto-resign and you will loose 50 points to your ranking.

A game of Numfeud consists of 106 tiles including 2 jokers/wild cards. The tiles, number 1 to 13, in four different colors: red, blue, yellow and green. There are two tiles of each number in every color. Each player is given 16 random tiles at the beginning of the game.


Minimum three tiles in different colors with the same numerical value.


Minimum three tiles in numerical order, which share the same color.


The Joker

The joker can be used as any value or color in any combination a player creates. When the joker is used on the board, and you have made a play, the joker is locked to its field. The tiles in direct contact with a joker are also locked.

To unlock the joker, you have to swap the joker with a tile from you own inventory with the same value and color as the joker represented. The joker will then be placed in your inventory, for you to use.

Two jokers in the same combination are not allowed. The joker cannot be used in your final draw for the win.


In the above example the joker is either yellow or blue and the value is 9. The red 9 is locked to the joker.

In this example the joker is green with the value 5. The green 4, green 6 and green 6 is locked to the joker.


When your opponent makes a move, you have 72 hours to respond. In the event that time expires, your opponent wins without a fight. 50 points will be subtracted from your ranking.


A player may rearrange or add tiles to an existing set on the table at any time.

1. Add tiles to an existing set:

2. Remove a fourth tile from a set and use it in a new one:

3. Adding a fourth tile to a set, removing another that same set to create a new set:


Numfeud World Ranking is build apon the points a user win or looses in a game. The leaderboard is running from january the 1'st untill december the 31'st. It will then be reset.

Numfeud reserves the rights to reset a users points without any further notice, if any indication of cheating occurs.

Happy Gaming With Numfeud